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The Algal Scientific Hypertrophic™ Water Treatment Process uses a single-step to remove soluble organics (BOD/COD), nitrogen, and phosphorus from medium to high strength wastewaters. Our process relies on the unique biology of microalgae to simultaneously remove all three water contaminants.

Simply put, rather than allowing an algal bloom to occur in nature, where it causes significant environmental and economic damage, we create a controlled algal bloom in compact growth troughs. We then separate the algae from the water, producing clean water to meet the regulatory requirements of our customers or reduce the surcharges they pay, and create a biomass resource we will process and market reducing costs to our customers. This process is distinct from traditional systems which rely mainly on bacteria to remove BOD, and then chemical treatments with additives to aid in the physical removal of other nutrients. In short, we use the same proven wastewater treatment processes and equipment with a more advanced micro-organism. Our patent pending technology includes the specific types of algae we use and the processes for growing and harvesting it.

Features & Benefits

For the agricultural, commercial, industrial or municipal customer, compared to the traditional multi-step process, we have the technology to deliver better performance, at lower cost, with an easier to implement and operate solution.

Hypertrophic™ Water
Treatment Process


Treats for organics (BOD,COD), nitrogen and phosphorus simultaneously Eliminates additional processes for nitrification/denitrification and phosphorus removal, saving capital and operating costs
Reduces or eliminates need for chemical additives such as methanol Increased safety, lower and more stable operating costs
Proprietary growth and processing technology Small site footprint, low cost algae harvesting
Generates valuable biomass Eliminates landfilling, recovers resources
Reduced greenhouse gas production and lower overall life cycle energy consumption Protects the environment and contributes to corporate sustainability goals
Optional fee for service turnkey contracts based on savings from surcharge reductions Eliminates need for capital outlay and provides guaranteed cost savings


The table below shows the results on three different types of wastewater.

High Strength landfill leachate

Parameter (in mg/L) Influent Effluent Reduction
BOD 18000 1950 89%
NH3 3500 1400 60%

Moderate Strength landfill leachate

Parameter (in mg/L) Influent Effluent Reduction
BOD 4500 60 99%
Total Nitrogen 1500 200 87%

Poultry ranch egg wash water

Parameter (in mg/L) Influent Effluent Reduction
BOD 3000 50 98%
Total Nitrogen 600 100 83%
Total Phosphorus 85 15 82%