Human Health


Algal Scientific has been producing high purity dried algae and beta glucan products for over 5 years at our state-of-the-art production facility in Plymouth, Michigan USA.  We are the only company in the world that commercially produces Euglena gracilis by fermentation using filtered water and food-grade nutrients.  We offer two products under the PureAlgal™ brand for the human food and dietary supplement space.  You can learn more about these products at

Our PureAlgal Euglena Gracilis is a dry yellow powder that is clean, free of allergens, and contains about 50% beta-1,3-glucan along with numerous micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is an ideal food additive and nutritional supplement.

For those looking for just beta glucan, we use a water-based, non-solvent, and low temperature extraction process to create PureAlgal Beta Glucan 95%.  This product is the world’s highest purity beta-1,3-glucan available and typically tests at greater than 98% beta glucan with about 2% moisture. As a white powder with no taste or odor, it can readily be added to foods and supplements without impacting taste or appearance.

Both products are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and are Kosher and Halal certified.

Some common applications include:

  • Functional foods, especially powder mixes, nutritional bars, and fruit and vegetable drinks
  • Dietary supplements, especially those focused on immune support and gut health
  • Cosmetics, especially those focused on anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects
  • Wound care products
  • More…