Our Mission


Algal Scientific was founded in 2009 with the mission of using algae to treat high strength waste water from a variety of industries such as food and beverage production. At that time the primary focus was on developing and deploying patented technology that reduced our customers’ costs for water treatment while providing a secondary benefit, a source of algal biomass that could be used for organic fertilizer and animal protein.

Since that time we have developed a parallel process to use algae to make beta-1,3 glucan. This compound has such high value in animal and human health and nutrition that much of our focus has been on research and development relating to this compound and today, on its commercial production. Unlike our original water treatment process, we produce beta glucan using exclusively virgin food grade inputs in a 100% sterile fermentation process.

Beta glucan is an all-natural product that science has shown to support the normal immune system in nearly all living things. It has been used in aquaculture to reduce the impact of disease. In a variety of livestock, a healthier immune system can lead to improved productivity and reduced use of antibiotics. A wide variety of beta glucan products are incorporated in human foods and nutraceuticals, and millions of dollars of research has been invested in future applications as drugs and vaccines. Using our algae and technology, we are able to produce the highest quality products at a fraction of the historical world prices, bringing the benefits of this compound to expanding animal and human markets.