Water Treatment


4968915002_646088746f_bMore than ever before, the world’s global supply of fresh water is being threatened by contamination, excess nutrient runoff and over-exploitation. Record-setting droughts and massive toxic algae blooms fill the headlines, and yet little has changed in the way we deal with our industrial and agricultural wastewaters. Treatment regulations are evolving, while the technologies for achieving these new stringent standards lag behind.

Algal Scientific Corporation has committed to addressing this critical technology gap by developing unique treatment technologies tailor-made for the private sector. Our patented Hypertrophic technology treats dissolved organics, nitrogen and phosphorus in a single step while producing a valuable natural fertilizer co-product. Based on proprietary biological cultures and process controls, this technology reduces the capital costs associated with treating concentrated effluents “in-house” while also reclaiming and recycling the valuable nutrients that are trapped in our wastewaters.

Designed specifically for customers in the food & beverage sector such as breweries, dairies, meat producers, aquaculturists, sugar and ethanol producers, the technology has also proven effective in treating some of the most difficult waste streams in the industrial sector, including landfill leachate and paper mill effluent.

At Algal Scientific Corporation, we believe in corporate stewardship and look forward to the day when wastewater is properly recognized as a valuable, profitable resource.




Reduces Organics (BOD), Nitrogen and Phosphorus in one treatment step.Robust and Resistant to Upsets, Easy to Operate
Low Capital CostsReduces downstream nutrient treatment costs
Proprietary growth and processing technologySmall site footprint
Generates valuable biomassEliminates landfilling, recovers resources
Can Be Configured for Water Reuse (Saves Water!)Protects the environment and contributes to corporate sustainability goals

How it Works:



We add a proprietary microbial culture to our customers’ wastewaters in an aerated tank. The microbes consume the organic compounds (such as sugars) in the wastewater, along with excess nutrients. We facilitate the growth of this microbial culture by balancing the chemistry and keeping out undesirable organisms using patented growth processes. Once the microbes have had time to eat their fill, the culture is separated from the clean water using dissolved air flotation and/or other modern harvesting and dewatering systems. This harvested biomass is dried and sold as a natural fertilizer. Meanwhile, the clean effluent water can be sent to a municipal treatment facility without incurring surcharges, or undergo additional filtration for reuse or discharge into the natural environment.

Water Reuse and Recycling

The primary goal of the Hypertrophic process is to minimize or eliminate our customer’s municipal sewer surcharge fees, typically by reducing BOD to below 250 mg/l and when required below 100 mg/l.  Further treatment or filtration can be used to bring our effluent up to various reuse qualities (e.g. cooling tower make-up or wash water) or meet stringent surface and aquifer discharge standards.