Core Values


core-valuesWe founded Algal Scientific on the principle that two of society’s greatest challenges today and in the future are the supply of clean water and the conservation of our natural resources. We are dedicated to providing cost effective and environmentally sound solutions that help meet these challenges.

Through our added focus on beta glucan produced with algae, we are providing more cost effective solutions that address the production of our food supply while reducing the overuse of antibiotics, and contributing to the support of animal and human immune health, additional global challenges.

We strive to uphold these core values:

Respect & Integrity

We will respect our customers, colleagues, partners and investors. We will do business with integrity, striving to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders in every way.

Social & Environmental Stewardship

We believe our business success and technologies will lead to a better environment, as well as products that address hunger, and may reduce the use of antibiotics in our food chain, which in turn leads to social benefits. We will provide equal opportunities for all that seek to join our team.

Dedication to Business Success

We define success by providing cost effective and reliable solutions for our customers, being accountable for the long term returns to our investors, and providing rewarding career and business opportunities to our staff and partners.