Algal Scientific serves three basic markets, all originally based on the company’s research and expertise on algae. In each of these, we seek to provide solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges.

Our ProGlucan and PureAlgal branded products are based on a unique microalgae called Euglena gracilis that we ferment indoors with food grade ingredients.  This species contains beta glucan, a well-known pre-biotic that can support gut and immune health in both animals and humans.  For animal diets, we sell the dried Euglena as ProGlucan outside the USA or we complex zinc to the polysaccharide within Euglena to create ProGlucan ZPC, a zinc polysaccharide complex for sale in the USA. For humans, we sell PureAlgal Euglena gracilis and PureAlgal Beta Glucan 95% for functional foods and dietary supplements.

In a separate division of the company, we employ our patented Hypertrophic Water Treatment process to treat high strength process water that is generated in food and beverage production and many other industries. It’s unique ability to remediate and recover nutrients addresses global concerns around water resources while saving customers millions of dollars in water treatment fees.  A valuable co-product of the process is biomass that can be used as a fertilizer, a source of protein, or a feedstock for other products such as bioplastics.